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Academic Screening Tools Chart Selector

Find academic screeners based upon personalized search criteria.

The Academic Screening Tools Chart Selector was created to help streamline the user's experience when searching for a screener that fits their goals. Watch this video to learn more about it!

The following highlights some of the features and search options.

  • Grade Selection allows the user to choose which grade or grades they are most interested in. If multiple grades are selected only those screeners that can be used by all grades selected will be shown.
  • Screener Type allows the user to choose to display only reading screeners, only math screeners, or both screener types in the table. Both screener types are displayed by default.
  • Table View Criteria allows the user to select which columns they would like displayed in the table. By default, all seven criteria are displayed. To remove one or more, select which criteria you would like removed in the list on the sidebar and press delete or backspace on your keyboard. To add the criteria back, select it from the dropdown menu that is displayed after clicking on the criteria list.
  • Users may choose to further filter the results of the table by clicking the Filter Criteria Button. This will open a new menu. Click the checkbox next to the criteria you would like to place a filter on. You may then use the dropdown menus and numeric inputs to create a filter. Select “Apply Filter(s)” at the bottom of the menu to filter the table accordingly.
  • Finally, the Download Table Section allows users to download the generated table that is displayed in multiple formats. Give the file a name and choose the format you would like to download before clicking the download button.

NCIL’s Academic Screening Tools Chart Selector offers a user-friendly experience to make informed choices related to academic screeners. All data is taken from Academic Tools Chart with permission. Download our handout that includes these instructions and a contributors list.

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